Pedro Urrutia - Filmography Director

Pedro Urrutia - Filmography Director

Filmmaker Dominican Pedro Urrutia only 19 years old, started in the world of film production companies working in local high reputation in Dominican Republic. In areas such as post - production assistant, grip, producing programs, editing, and more. In 2008, just before completing his studies at UNIBE (Ibero-American University of the Caribbean) with a degree in Advertising Communication, start applying to universities abroad theater. It is here, when NYFA (New York Film Academy) learns of a grant from the famed director Brett Ratner (Director of Trilogy Rush Hour, Tower Heist, Last Sunset,     X - Men Last Stand, etc.) and apply for the scholarship. Ratner full scholarship will host "One Year Filmmaking Program" for all of 2009.

At just 23 years old, in 2010, returned to Dominican Republic, founded Ave Studio production company specializing in music videos . Manages to be nominated for the Casandra Awards 2011 (most important award that rewards Dominican national art annually) for the video for " Vakeró - That woman so cool , "Peter Urrutia first video and first video from achieving Ave Studio open the same year doors to be a voting member of the "Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Latin Grammy )".

Thus begins an adventure that later in 2013 in The Sovereign Awards (formerly Casandra Awards) is again nominated for video of the year for " Melymel - in French". So the filmmaker gives way to national and international level, entering the top 10 channels such as Htv, mun2, MTV, MTV, MtvTres, Ritmoson, including international chains of music programming.

Urrutia however, in 2012 decided to opt for a new direction and challenge. Start being way and work out what you are really passionate about the cinema. In that year began working on the idea of what will be his debut, Peace Code. Creating the same year the film production company Alliance One, Dominican producer founded under the terms of the law that protects film from that country.

Since 2014, under his direction, Peace Code is the debut of Pedro Urrutia, a new film that opens in the Dominican film genre, the genre of action and which has had a very good reception from the public locally and also support the two most important local cinema chains, Caribbean cinemas and movie palace. Achieving become the first Dominican film to open simultaneously in all cinemas nationwide.